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What does Live Management do?

Live Management specializes in the development, implementation and operation of SaaS software products and businesses. We specialize in the development of metrics-driven systems to give businesses a better ability to monitor and react to changes in their business.

How can Live Management help me?

If you manage a business and are searching for simpler, less expensive ways to operate, you are not alone. Many business owners once believed that technology was the answer, but became disillusioned when it never quite fulfilled its promise of greater productivity. Employees who don't have the time or the foundational skills to discover how to properly use the tools, often feel overwhelmed and frustrated, which eventually results in decreased efficiency, grumpy workers, and dissatisfied clients. The focus of Live Management is to help businesses overcome this technology value gap. We are experts at increasing your productivity, making your life easier, reducing your costs, and helping you put more money in the bank!

How can I contact Live Management?

You may reach us anytime at 401-935-6150. Our offices are located at 1080 Main St., Pawtucket, RI 02860. Our fax number is 800-224-9871.